Just back from the Canadian SME Business Expo

Thanks to everyone at Canadian SME for hosting such an informative event. It’s always an eye-opener to see so many grassroots entrepreneurs together in one place. There’s definitely a different vibe in these gatherings than at more corporate events. SMEs have their own culture. They operate according to their own code. Most of all,  they are remarkably industrious. During our Marketing Team of One workshop, we told this cohort of owner/operators cum marketing managers (hence the Marketing Team of One) that the difference between them and marketing managers in agencies or inside companies is that managers sleep at night, while owner/operators never stop sweating every detail of their business. We know that SMEs demand the same accountability of their suppliers as they apply to themselves. We’ve always sweated over the work we do for our clients. It’s great to work with clients who care as much as we do about the outcome of each marketing initiative. Gathered down at the Convention Centre, this crowd sent a clear signal: we’re all in this together trying to make a go of it. It takes a certain kind of courage. We at Branderos salute that spirit and try to live up to the sacrifices SMEs make every day on behalf of their business.