This album cover from the band The Subways seems like an appropriate statement about the moment. IT’S CRAZY OUT THERE. But in the midst of this chaos, we’ve had some of the best conversations ever – with clients and colleagues. And bizarre stories from within our circle. We work with an aerospace parts distributor (yah, like lots going on there). Well actually there is. He had his busiest day and busiest week ever this month. Huh? He can’t explain it. My cousin who owns the high-end stationery store Laywine’s reports that his online sales are up (drumroll please) 1700%. That’s a lot of pads and pens.


We believe there’s a fundamental reset happening both in marketing and among the sector we serve: SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses). Whichever direction this goes, there’s going to be a need for much tighter collaboration between businesses and marketers. As we enter a truly digital universe we’re going to have be highly inventive, not only in designing new cost-effective solutions, but also in building unconventional partnerships. Let’s invent together.