We love our work. your work. The stronger the collaboration between client and agency, the stronger the work.

Case StudySheridan CAPS gave us an education.

  • Just because you’ve worked in a category doesn’t mean you have the answers.
  • Each client is distinct.
  • Each audience has unique needs.
  • We just keep asking questions.
  • We need to know How it Works.
  • What’s going right and what’s going wrong.
  • We start by doing our homework.
  • But that only goes so far.

While we had plenty of experience marketing education brands, Sheridan CAPS was an altogether different proposition.

We needed to help Sheridan CAPS navigate the pandemic, while also launching new programs and helping consolidate relationships in three very different communities: Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville.

Give Internationally Educated Nurses an accelerated pathway to an RPN. While communicating that they belong at Sheridan CAPS – and in a better job in healthcare.

Result: filled the cohort to launch program.

The launch of the RPN Safe Practice Completion Program.

Give people lacking high-school equivalency a fresh chance to find a better path forward.

Helped launch: Sheridan Academic ReBOOT, Academic Upgrading, Sheridan Academic Upgrading, YouTube and Website Animation

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