Another Blog about Blogging

We just returned from a meeting with an expert in digital marketing analytics and we were talking about the role of content in the overall marketing mix. We all shared the same viewpoint that there’s tons of content out there that nobody reads or values. Even more typical is to build a website and then find that there aren’t the resources to develop quality content. That’s because quality content takes time, journalistic skills and that takes money – more than most clients are willing to spend.

So what’s the answer? We believe the test for content is: will the reader be affected by the posting? Will it change an opinion, or provide a valuable insight, a practical tip or a motivating story? If no, don’t just paper the walls (or your website) with content. You’re better off deploying content less frequently but making it stronger. Or you can institute a two-tier content strategy, with big idea posts on a top tier, while product and promotionally focused content forms a secondary tier.

If a blog is just a sales pitch wrapped in another guise, it’s not respecting the time and attention of your readers.

All this came up in the context of an important event that our financial services client, BarecWealth, wanted to address with its clients. The coronavirus hasn’t only spooked travellers and airlines; it’s also spooked the markets. This, of course, isn’t a rational response. And calming this kind of panic is a public service. So we salute our clients for thinking proactively and developing content that’s both thoughtful and useful.