Ready to climb on board?

By asking the right questions and listening (a lot), we put our fingers on the pulse of small and medium-sized enterprises. They operate under their own rules. It’s sort of like having kids, if you haven’t dwelled in that space, you just can’t relate. Well, we ourselves are an SME. So it’s easy for us to develop a rapport with entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs. And look who’s taking notice. Those big professional services firms that serve the SME crowd are turning to us to help present their brands in ways that are meaningful to SMEs and with an attitude that reflects how fundamental a business is in the lives of these folks. When you’re in business for yourself, you can’t let go. You need collaborators, not dictators or order takers. That’s our role – to act as a catalyst with SMEs and those targeting SMEs to navigate this space with the same energy, focus and conviction that our clients bring to the market every single day. And that’s our privilege.

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