We feel your hurt. Change is hitting all of us squarely in the face. Nowhere is that more evident than in smaller enterprises. They are lean, owner-driven and prone to all manner of disruption from unseen competitors out there in the blogosphere. As the sandbox gets bigger, so does the competition. And the old business model, focusing on your existing customers, relying on referral business and hoping that by sheer force of will and servicing the hell out of your current business is enough to sustain growth. It isn’t. There’s no escaping the fact that today all businesses need a strong virtual presence. Google is the feeder, the lead generator. Look it at any other way at your peril. We see businesses that have every function aced, yet still struggle to find a large enough pool of prospects. Clearly, the only way forward is to recognize that the old handshake approach to business, built on personal relationships, can only take you so far. To scale up, you need to tell a convincing story on the web and through social media. Otherwise, well, you get the point.



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