We believe marketing isn’t just a reflection of our society – it helps to shape perceptions. As an industry, we have failed to address the issue of systemic racism with the kind of urgency, compassion and integrity that’s needed. We commit to using the platforms offered us to help advance this vital conversation in any way we can.

Ridin’ High.

Who’d of thunk it? Here in the midst of Covid-craziness with our cohesion as a society under threat and our economy imploding, we’ve landed more business and been busier than ever before. Huh? As tempting as it might be to pat ourselves on the back, we’re not that smug. We know we are in a fortuitous position because we came into this pandemic with very simple principles that seem to resonate with the times. Give clients direct access to passionate, seasoned marketing professionals. Keep overhead to an absolute minimum. Work with colleagues and clients who you can learn from and who can learn from you. Treat your client’s business as if it were your own. Hold yourself personally accountable for every strategy, every deliverable – and every dollar. Do it with pride. Do it with joy.

And guess what? The formula works. We’ve seen our clients eyes light up when they see their own brand take shape – a brand they built with us together, but more importantly a brand that is uniquely theirs.

We don’t make up stories – we use our depth of experience to tease out the stories behind a brand and a structure that delivers maximum impact.

In this time, as budgets are squeezed like never before, the stakes seem higher than ever. We’re right there on the firing line – just like our clients, trying to adapt to this moment. While prior to Covid, we were seeing a consolidation of players in the marketplace, now it’s like the slate has been swept clean and everyone’s back at the starting line. That gives underdogs and outliers a huge opportunity to shake up their sectors, just as we are seeing with marketing, where the big agency model is under severe threat.

Good luck with the struggle. We ride with you.

We are Branderos.

Our mission is to help your organization punch above its weight? How?
By injecting a lot more mojo into your marketing.

Okay, we may not be real cowboys.

We may never have ridden a horse. But we sure know how to take a cowboy approach to your marketing. By uncovering the real story behind behind a brand. And using all smartest ways of engaging your audience. Generate leads. Get them to know you up close and personal. Keep them close through ongoing communication.

Give them a reason to work with you. Then give them a reason to come back.

Life 2.0
Personal Branding Rescue Package

We know how much you’re hurting out there. We know because we are too. The first day of the shutdown one of our colleagues was laid off. Then we noticed shops around us closed for good. These are obviously ominous and very trying times. If you’ve been laid off and are eager to start working on your next chapter as an independent consultant, we want to help out.

We have assembled a lean team of senior marketing professionals who are all committed to helping people make a smart transition to the gig economy with a personal branding strategy, personal look and feel, a personal statement video, other content and design for your website.

We understand that the last thing a recently laid off professional wants to do is part with their scarce resources. So we knew we had to make the package affordable – what a factory approach would charge only in this case executed by senior marketing experts each with a stellar resume.

This isn’t a package for everyone. It’s for people who want to take their well-honed skillset and apply to new working relationships. We won’t go all philosophical on you by saying there’s an opportunity in every challenge. But now that we’re all here, let’s work together to make what comes next as good as possible.


Keep Well. Keep Working. With the Life 2.0 Personal Branding Rescue Package

WARNING: This website contains a powerful metaphor for the entrepreneurial spirit alive and thriving in Canada’s independent business culture today. People who experience distress at the sight of cowboys should not enter this site. The partners of Branderos, Richard Toker and Joel Sears, retain the right to place their tongues firmly in their cheeks.

* No cowboys or horses were injured during the development of this website.
* The campfires are real, but no one was burned during the photo shoots.




Pardners Richard Toker (left) and Joel Sears (right) observing social distancing while catching a glimpse of each other for the first time since the lockdown.

It’s scary out there.  We are living through a nightmare not just on the health front. Economically, the most ravaged sector are those smaller businesses where the margin between success and failure is very narrow. A few weeks without revenue and the overhead becomes simply too heavy a burden to carry. Unfortunately there isn’t a best practice for how to get through this and emerge on the other side.

If past experience serves as any guide, it is the businesses that invest in their brands through a recovery process that endure. No one can afford to disappear from the radar screen.

This is actually a good time to focus on what you never get the time to focus on – honing your digital presence. So many of our clients are frequently too preoccupied with their business to attend to their marketing. We act as an outsourced marketing department for many of our clients, but even still, it’s tough to keep marketing at the forefront of the agenda when other needs are even more pressing.

However you steer through these dark waters, we are ready to support you however we can in getting your business back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. While our doors aren’t open, we are continuing to work.


Little did we know how much the small and medium-sized business sector resembled the Wild West when we created Branderos as the boutique marketing agency that’s in synch with smaller businesses. The ride has never been as wild as it is today. While we’re used to the pace of change continuing to accelerate as markets change seemingly overnight. Well now business is literally changing overnight. The retail landscape is vanishing. Businesses are just trying to hold on until they can reopen their doors. We’re as eager as you are to see that day arrive. Like you, we’re sidelined by this crisis. We’ve talking to our colleagues and it’s hard to overstate the fear out there. The only antidote we can offer is that we’ll work as hard as you will at rebuilding your business. Let’s talk. So we may not quite be ready to “Giddy Up”, we’re not hanging up our saddle just yet. Not by a long shot.

90.3% of businesses in Canada are small or medium-sized

97.9% of business employ fewer than 100 employees

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