by The Branderos, November 2017

Why is it that our clients are too busy to meet with us? Is it something we said? No, actually it’s because every small-to-medium sized enterprise is governed by one simple driver – sales. Nothing can get in the way of making and fulfilling a sale. And we say, good on you, but Whoa, what about the future? They know they can’t sustain their business in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace without marketing. But they don’t have time to do it. So what gives? We do. We act as a client’s marketing department and marketing agency in one. We develop programs that we can build while our clients are out doing that only they can do – make the cash register ring (figuratively speaking).

Afternote by Joel: speaking of cash registers, I was once in a friend’s newly bought old house. The basement was an underground cavern that was dug under the entire length of the yard. The basement ceiling was more than 10′ high. And there were four tiers of metal shelving the full length of the basement. They were full from one end to another with used cash registers that the previous owner collected. It was another world beneath the earth’s surface.

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