Beyond Blogging – Real Content vs. Filler

As purveyors of content marketing, we believe in engaging your audience. Everyone can see the logic in staying in touch. The only problem? For readers to actually want your next blog or other form of content, they have to see value – or entertainment – in what you’re posting. Too often we see blogs that are fairly random filler, functioning like some sort of brand notes. It all can feel too internal. And thin.

We believe platforms like podcasts have demonstrated the ability to tackle complex subjects in captivating ways. Why do blogs have to lag behind in finding real purpose for their content?

That was on our minds when we came up with the idea of interjecting ourselves into the process. Working with Feheley Fine Arts has given us the privilege of getting a front-row seat at the busiest Inuit art gallery in Canada. In working with Pat Feheley on her 60/60 show that included one print from every one of the 60 Cape Dorset Print Collections, we caught our first glimpse of Rabbit Eating Seaweed up close. This transformational work by the legendary artist Kenojuak Ashevak is one of the most coveted pieces of Inuit art. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It moved me more than any piece of Canadian art I’d ever seen.

So we decided that it was time to write about it. We know from the response we received that people were moved by the post. That’s what we should expect from a blog that’s written with a clear purpose in mind.