(Photo by Peter Power)

Rapport is the secret ingredient in marketing. Developing rapport between you and your audience first requires a meaningful rapport with our clients. Only when we really get to know our clients as individuals can we begin to develop a brand that stands as a true reflection of their business and who they are as people.

By the time we go through a rigorous brand strategy, identity, website development and content creation we look on our clients as partners, and as friends. It has been our distinct honour to work with Barbara and Eric Chong of BarecWealth. Helping good people get their stories out there is very gratifying – even more when it makes the phones ring.

It’s hard to do your best work unless you have a foundation of a trusting relationship between the marketing team and the client. The same goes for us (Richard and Joel) – we worked together in different settings over the years and always looked forward to the spirited conversations and collaborations that followed. So we decided to build our own business on the foundation of our personal relationship (aka rapport). But we didn’t stop there. We have assembled a group of like-minded professionals to complement our account (Richard) and creative (Joel) backgrounds. We’ve been very fortunate to form a team that spans everything from WordPress development to design. At the end of the day, it’s no longer just Our Work, it’s theirs.