We’ve found that there’s no substitute for the humanity revealed through video.

In our work with Plastic+Paper we wanted to build a larger-than-life story about their new sheeter technology, while also enabling the principals to talk passionately about how this equipment is changing the way they work.

Did you know that YouTube is the second-most used search engine in the world, next only to its sister Google? The power of video is universally recognized and all organizations and companies are looking at opportunities to incorporate video. But some tricky questions remain: what the heck is that video about, and who in their right is going to want to watch it?

For small and medium-sized businesses, you not only have to vault into the marketing realm, but now you have to become entertainers? That might be overstating the reality, but the truth is that videos have to hit the spot emotionally, or hit the funny bone, or somehow reach out to the audience. Hand-held iPhone videos of talking heads is not going to cut it.

For years, marketing people have been going on and on about “the story”. That’s still a fairly loose-goosey proposition. But video makes the necessity of telling your own story even more imperative. The fact is everyone comes with a story. And people relate to each other’s stories. It never has to be fancy, but it has to touch a core. Video is the medium of emotion.

Never thought you’d be dealing in the emotion business. But there you are.