The Branding Process Never Stops

At a recent meeting with our clients at BarecWealth we were reminded of the fact that branding is never a fixed object. After piloting a comprehensive branding and website development process with them more than a year ago, we discovered that the orientation of their business has rapidly evolved. We were aware of this and had incorporated more holistic financial advice messaging into their site, but now it felt that we weren’t faithfully representing this new focus sufficiently.

It’s so easy to get your head stuck in execution mode that you may lose sight of the bigger picture. That made us realize that we need to schedule regular interviews very much along the lines of our initial discovery process with a client. That’s necessary because unless we ask probing questions, clients are immersed in their own business and may not even recognize the shifts that are taking place. Sometimes they are hard to articulate. We don’t believe any branding firm is doing its clients any favours with a one-and-your-done approach. The marketplace is too fluid. We believe branding has to be an ongoing iterative process. That may not be what some clients want to hear, but any time the process stops, the business stops evolving in the eyes of its customers.