A Blog about Blogging

Before there was blogging, there were advertorials. Every time I wrote one, I would have to ask how truly neutral and informative the article was to be. The intent was always far more neutral than the result. A marketer’s instinct to sell is very hard to shed. So the authenticity of the writing was undermined. That was because the pieces were assessed as marketing pieces, not strictly as relationship marketing pieces, which is a more appropriate designation.

Fast forward to today when social media has further blurred the lines between news and marketing. So how do you know what content is original, what is simply repackaged or (Yikes!) stolen. It’s a murky realm.

At Branderos, we have always counselled our clients to deliver rich informative content that strengthens their connection with their audience. And that’s precisely what we’ve done with all of our blogging.

But of all our blogging, it’s our work with Canada’s leading Inuit art gallery – Feheley Fine Arts – that we feel proudest of. Pat Feheley has been a wonderful champion of open blogging. We worked together with Pat and her team to create the most appropriate blogging voice for the gallery – that of an Inuit culture enthusiast, not academic, but accessible and yet knowledgeable.

Our work took us all the way to Venice Feheley because an Inuit artist was representing Canada at the Biennale for the first time. The gallery had no skin in the game –the Isuma Collective isn’t connected with her roster of artists. But it was an important landmark for Inuit art and Pat was passionate about documenting the moment.

We’ve also tackled complex social issues tied to life in the North.

This is what blogging was meant to be – real journalism about subjects related to the marketer’s area of expertise.