Entries by Team Branderos

Welcome to the Bandwagon

Ready to climb on board? By asking the right questions and listening (a lot), we put our fingers on the pulse of small and medium-sized enterprises. They operate under their own rules. It’s sort of like having kids, if you haven’t dwelled in that space, you just can’t relate. Well, we ourselves are an SME. […]

Too many irons in the fire?

  ARE YOU TOO BUSY TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS? by The Branderos, November 2017 Why is it that our clients are too busy to meet with us? Is it something we said? No, actually it’s because every small-to-medium sized enterprise is governed by one simple driver – sales. Nothing can get in the way of […]

Lost in the boonies?

We feel your hurt. Change is hitting all of us squarely in the face. Nowhere is that more evident than in smaller enterprises. They are lean, owner-driven and prone to all manner of disruption from unseen competitors out there in the blogosphere. As the sandbox gets bigger, so does the competition. And the old business […]

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