“Of the 1.17 million private employer businesses in Canada, 97.9 percent were small (under 100 employees) and 1.8 percent medium-sized (under 500 employees) and just .3 percent large businesses with more than 500 employees.
Of the 8.2 million Canadians employed in the private labour force, 70.5 percent were in small business, 19.8 in medium-sized businesses and 9.7 percent in large businesses.”
– Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, 2016

Together, Richard and Joel have touched many of Canada’s leading brands, covering platforms from direct marketing to social media, websites to ads. Joel and Richard believe that experience is an invaluable asset. They bring the learning from every other brand to their work on yours. Here’s a sampling of clients they have worked with since leaving the world of agencies and becoming independent.