Life 2.0. Yes there is life after you’ve been laid off.

What’s next for you? Your personal brand.

We not only feel your pain, we’re experiencing it for ourselves. In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve already seen so many of our colleagues laid off. Companies shuttered. It’s scary as hell. Lots of people are in the terrible position of deciding what comes next? Early retirement (even less likely today than merely weeks ago)? Change of occupation (to what?). We thought we were already in the gig economy. Welcome to the ultimate Gig Economy – a society made up of a network of freelancers? Far fetched? Not at all. The question is how do make as nimble a transition as possible from a paycheque to a gig.

We want to help. We’re working with strategists, designers and content creators to provide a premium-quality personal branding and website development package that sets you up for your future as an independent contractor, with a professional personal brand and a professional personally-branded website. That starts with a strategic insight – which area of your work do you want to focus on and project outwards? Who needs that service? How can you engage with them in a meaningful way? Then how can you position your personal brand to answer that need in your sector? Then we use all the tools available to tell a compelling, but brief story about your career and what makes you tick.

Of course, in these times, we understand that money has never been tighter. We understand that the last thing a recently laid off professional wants to do is lay out money out of pocket to market themselves. That’s why we thought it was so essential to offer a rigorous, yet contained personal branding process that communicates with purpose and professionalism. We’ve designed a process that makes you responsible for developing the bulk of the content based on an agreed-on strategic platform. Then we execute an identity and website that will give you a solid platform to project You 2.0.

How do we know how to mould your personal brand? Because we’ve been working with small businesses for years and understand the way an owner can shape a business – even a larger business. Smaller businesses are built on the character and determination of the principals. We understand that and have incorporated owner personalities into much of our work with these businesses. We believe we’re uniquely positioned to help an expanding cohort of laid off professionals to reconnect with their profession.

Keep safe. When ready, keep working.


Here’s a sampling of work Branderos has done to create personal brands and personal branded websites.

Vine & Associates Website

Ron Ko Website

Sheila Willson Website