All our clients march to their own drummer.

What quality do small and medium-sized enterprises share? A defiant us vs. them mentality that informs their actions and strategies. They have the bit firmly between their teeth and gallop away until they succeed. It’s inspiring. It’s very much a doing culture. You jump from one action to the next. You don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for the horizon to open up in front of you. You pounce on opportunities. You shift gears in mid-stride, to capitalize on a strength, or to avoid a pothole. It’s a different pace, a different feel and, for us, a wholly different spirit of collaboration. We aren’t pushing paper with marketing directors – we are their marketing directors. And in many cases, their entire marketing department. We are an outgrowth of the enterprises we represent and work for. That special relationship has given us an enviable vantage point, gaining a clearer understanding what makes these businesses tick – and what makes the people inside their walls tick.

Since more than 90 percent of all Canadian businesses are either small or medium-sized, it’s given us a clear perspective on the most vital part of our economy. That’s why professional services companies are now approaching us – to bridge the gap between their corporate approach and the smaller businesses they serve. Whether that’s accounting, legal, or financial services, these companies value our insights about these businesses and the people who run them.

And that’s another win for our clients because these professional services companies are now becoming much more adept at meeting the distinct needs of these businesses. Can you hear the drum beats?