Every business moves with its own pack. Different horses – different riders. When you dig deep, the unmistakable imprint of an enterprise is revealed not by an external branding process, but by projecting the culture and practices that drive the business. That’s your brand – how you work and interact with customers. It’s what people know you for. Our job is to make them know you even better – but more importantly, to open doors for you by creating an expectation of your products and service. That’s the promise you make to anyone who does business with you.

The SME whisperers.

We have our ears to the ground. We know what makes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) click. That’s because we’re an SME ourselves and have run our own business for much of our careers. That makes us sensitive to the characteristics that distinguish one organization from another – how the organization acts in its marketplace and what the organization and its people stand for. We lasso these observations through a rigorous, yet creative Branding Workshop process.

These stories of how a brand behaves are legends shared around the water cooler. And they are as much a part of your brand as your logo. We develop a brand story coming out of the ones we hear from you during our Branding Workshop process. These stories shape the face of the brand and they are told in the voice of the brand.

Our job is to capture those elements and weave them together – into a recognizable brand property that is yours alone. That comes from asking the right questions, and using facilitation and listening skills to do justice to your story. Then we translate those stories and insights into concrete marketing directions and creative executions.
That’s branding, Branderos-style.

The Branderos-style collaborative Branding Process:

  • Interview / research about the brand
  • Branding Workshop
  • Develop Brand Strategy
  • Develop Brand Taglines and Blurbs
  • Develop Logo and other identity elements
  • Develop Website
  • Develop ongoing Content Marketing program and plan
  • Collect e-mail addresses for database
  • Develop outgoing e-mail/newsletter executions
  • Develop other targeted marketing tools, such as ads and post cards