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A Blog about Blogging

Before there was blogging, there were advertorials. Every time I wrote one, I would have to ask how truly neutral and informative the article was to be. The intent was always far more neutral than the result. A marketer’s instinct to sell is very hard to shed. So the authenticity of the writing was undermined. […]

Is it possible?

With phones buzzing, dozens of emails flying every which way every single day (except Christmas), late night scrambles to finalize colours and wording we all persevered.  Most importantly, we had very decisive and collaborative clients, who cared as passionately about their identity and website as they do about their clients’ cases. Everyone was under the […]

Marketing Tips for SMEs

(I’ve been pleased to contribute to Canadian SME Magazine in its first two issues. Below are the Marketing Tips I developed for the latest issue.) What is the number one advantage that smaller businesses have in their marketing? Themselves. Larger enterprises struggle to define a brand that represents such a diverse workforce. Smaller businesses, meanwhile, take the imprint […]

Marketing for SMEs

A while back, we were approached by this new publication CanadianSME to write an article about marketing strategies for these businesses. Now we’re pleased to see it in print. Lots of interesting content there for all you small and medium-sized enterprises. Marketing for SMEs ENTREPRENEURSHIP DIGITAL MARKETING By Joel Sears 0 2 Share Many successful SMEs […]

Welcome to the Bandwagon

Ready to climb on board? By asking the right questions and listening (a lot), we put our fingers on the pulse of small and medium-sized enterprises. They operate under their own rules. It’s sort of like having kids, if you haven’t dwelled in that space, you just can’t relate. Well, we ourselves are an SME. […]