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This album cover from the band The Subways seems like an appropriate statement about the moment. IT’S CRAZY OUT THERE. But in the midst of this chaos, we’ve had some of the best conversations ever – with clients and colleagues. And bizarre stories from within our circle. We work with an aerospace parts distributor (yah, […]

Welcome to the Marketplace 2.0

We’ve never lived through anything like this. Yet this is still only the beginning. We’re already thinking ahead to what the new world marketplace is going to look like when the economy is turned back on. We already know it isn’t going to resemble what it looked like before COVID-19. There are going to be […]

Another Blog about Blogging

We just returned from a meeting with an expert in digital marketing analytics and we were talking about the role of content in the overall marketing mix. We all shared the same viewpoint that there’s tons of content out there that nobody reads or values. Even more typical is to build a website and then […]

Just back from the Canadian SME Business Expo

Thanks to everyone at Canadian SME for hosting such an informative event. It’s always an eye-opener to see so many grassroots entrepreneurs together in one place. There’s definitely a different vibe in these gatherings than at more corporate events. SMEs have their own culture. They operate according to their own code. Most of all,  they […]

Beyond Blogging – Real Content vs. Filler

As purveyors of content marketing, we believe in engaging your audience. Everyone can see the logic in staying in touch. The only problem? For readers to actually want your next blog or other form of content, they have to see value – or entertainment – in what you’re posting. Too often we see blogs that […]

Skeptical about programmatic digital advertising?

So were we. As firm believers in the idea that any marketing effort should be able to pay its own way, we were initially on the fence about the merits of programmatic display advertising. After meeting with MiQ we knew we had a partner with the experience and insights necessary to make this work for […]

A Blog about Blogging

Before there was blogging, there were advertorials. Every time I wrote one, I would have to ask how truly neutral and informative the article was to be. The intent was always far more neutral than the result. A marketer’s instinct to sell is very hard to shed. So the authenticity of the writing was undermined. […]

Is it possible?

With phones buzzing, dozens of emails flying every which way every single day (except Christmas), late night scrambles to finalize colours and wording we all persevered.  Most importantly, we had very decisive and collaborative clients, who cared as passionately about their identity and website as they do about their clients’ cases. Everyone was under the […]