Joel Sears

Over more than 25 years, he has proven to be one of those writers who is in equal command writing a White Paper as he is creating an ad or developing a brand strategy.

Joel and I worked together in a few agency environments. He always had a formidable reputation as a powerful, yet strategically driven writer. His reputation was burnished by his work as an independent, further broadening the scope of his writing. Over more than 25 years, he has proven to be one of those writers who is in equal command writing a White Paper as he is creating an ad or developing a brand strategy. His ability to define a strategic direction, fully understanding the consequences to the voice of the brand is unique. By using copywriting as a tool for clients to work with and to then collaborate with them on the language of the brand is an invaluable part of our process.

I’m always impressed at Joel’s capacity to take client input and go back to the well as many times as it takes to reach consensus. Then once you have that lead piece of copy that represents everyone’s input, whether it’s a tagline or a press release, the execution of every other element comes effortlessly.

Together, Joel and I invariably end up feeling totally invested in our client’s business. And The Branderos wouldn’t have it any other way.

Richard Toker

Since 2008, Richard has independently developed and managed branding, direct and digital marketing, content and on-boarding programs for a range of clients.

I first met Richard more than 25 years ago. He was the account guy. I was the creative. Since then, Richard has held a variety of senior strategy roles in several of Canada’s foremost agencies, before going to Rogers as Director of Direct & Digital Marketing for Rogers Wireless.

Since 2008, Richard has independently developed and managed sales & marketing strategy, branding, CRM and digital marketing, content, on-boarding and customer retention programs for a range of consumer and B2B clients.

It has been a career highlight for me to join forces with Richard in a business we both believe in. We have very different perspectives and expertise and share an eagerness to build on each other’s knowledge and instincts.

That working relationship has evolved far beyond the long-ago abandoned roles of account guy and creative guy. We simply come at our branding work with an intent to develop a trusting relationship with our clients and use our creative problem-solving skills to advance their objectives, whether that means increasing sales or raising awareness.

Deborah Prenger, Creative Art Director

Gary Beelik, Creative Art Director

Joel on Deborah:

We are thrilled to be working with Deborah Prenger, a master craftsperson of the design world and a thoughtful conceptualizer. Richard, Deborah and I worked together at McCann eons ago. In the meantime our careers went in different directions. Deborah shot to prominence as a multiple award-winning Art Director, Designer and Creative Director at blue-chip agencies and clients. The power of our collaboration with Deborah is our ability to share our collective experience and insights that lead to inspired work.

Deborah’s client roster has included: Ikea, Lexus, Unilever, American Express, Molson, Greenpeace, Evergreen, Harry Rosen, The Ontario Ministry of Health

Deborah has served as a senior creative at these shops: BBDO, Dentsu, Zig, Ammirati Puris and Roche Macaulay

Richard on Gary:

The only way to really understand someone’s work is to work alongside them. It’s our continuing joy and privilege to collaborate with Gary and watch his impeccable design chops put to work for our clients. You know you’re working with the best when you have a genuine sense of anticipation when Gary reveals a creative presentation. The way he talks about the work speaks volumes about the care Gary takes in the refinement of his design ideas. Clients always say that Gary is a joy to work with, which makes us wonder what they think of Joel and me.

Gary has run Soapbox and Parcel design studios where he has developed multiple award-winning branding and design projects. His roster of clients has included: Canadian Blood Services, PEN Canada, American Express, Enbridge, TD, Canada Post, the LCBO and Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Ben Block, Web Developer

Ben is a front-end web architect and multimedia professor. With more than 20 years’ experience producing websites, while also teaching and designing multimedia courses for colleges, Ben has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of web technologies, accessible responsive design, and UX and UI. Ben has created and launched hundreds (and hundreds) of websites — from client portfolios to national and international organizations — using hand coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, libraries and frameworks, and content management systems.  Ben currently shares his knowledge and insights at Humber and Sheridan colleges as a professor in both their media studies department, where he also designed the curriculum he leads. Ben’s talent is adapting today’s templated platforms for maximum customization and design impact.

Our Clients

Spent our careers in the rodeo. But we never got stuck in one corral!

Together, Richard and Joel have touched many of Canada’s leading brands, covering platforms from direct marketing to social media, websites to ads. Joel and Richard believe that experience is an invaluable asset. They bring the learning from every other brand to their work on yours. Here’s a sampling of clients they have worked with since leaving the world of agencies and becoming independent.

AIR MILES® / Bell / BDC / Canadian Marketing Association / Canadian Education Association / CAA / CARA Operations/ Chevrolet / CGC / Dell / Durham College / Energizer / Ford Vehicle Insurance Program (US) / Foresters / FUJIFILM / General Motors / Goodyear / HP / HSBC / Holy Blossom Temple / IBM / Jolly Rancher / Kia / LifebankUSA / Novotel / OLG / Philips / Pitney Bowes / Rogers / Sage / Save the Children Canada/ Scotiabank / Smith+Andersen Engineers / Tangerine / TELUS